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Some of my many talents include making a mean box of Mac & Cheese, drawing stick figures, designing cute blog templates, and finding Waldo. I read and write MG and YA & I have a soft spot for love stories.

Double Crossed: A Spies and Thieves Story (Gallagher Girls, #5.5; Heist Society, #2.5)

Double Crossed: A Spies and Thieves Story - Ally Carter Cute and quick - it was short, even by novella standards, but there was still plenty of fun to go around. If you're familiar with both the Gallagher Girl world and the Heist Society world, then you know that one focuses on spies and the other on thieves - this was a mixing of the two, but was probably more heavily influenced by the thieving world. There's a con, a heist, and Macy doesn't do a whole lot of spying, but she does provide the muscle since there isn't much of any fighting usually in the Heist way of things and Hale and Kat probably wouldn't know how to disarm a man if they tried. It's such a quick read that there isn't much room for surprises, so the cleverness usually so prevalent in Ally Carter's writing wasn't as strong. Though, I did love the moments where it's obvious how much Hale cares for Kat :) (Hearing her voice makes him smile? Awwww). I'd love to read more "mixing" stories like this where the two worlds collide.