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Tiana Smith

Some of my many talents include making a mean box of Mac & Cheese, drawing stick figures, designing cute blog templates, and finding Waldo. I read and write MG and YA & I have a soft spot for love stories.


Entwined - Heather Dixon A great read :) I liked how vivid the setting seemed, and I really loved the playful interactions of the princesses - it felt very real to me. At times the story seemed a bit long - there were parts that I just wanted to cut so that I could get to the good stuff - especially in the middle.It took me a while to figure out what R.B. meant (royal business, if you're wondering). There were a few other things that I felt could have been explained more. But I loved the love story and the build up there.I also didn't quite understand why they were so poor - I mean, I've never heard of penniless royalty before ... I understand they didn't want to raise the taxes, but still.The characterization was really strong - and it's hard to make a cast of 12 girls all have different, believable personalities.