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Blowing My Cover: My Life as a CIA Spy

Blowing My Cover : My Life as a CIA Spy - Lindsay Moran I don't like giving negative reviews, but this book really didn't do it for me. She had misgivings about entering the agency from the first time she applies, and yet, she stays with it through episode after episode of it not living up to her expectations. The book is written to make you feel sorry for her situation, but I just felt angry at her. She's so bitter and negative about the CIA and how it made her jump through all these hoops and act a certain way, but I kept thinking, "okay, if you don't like it and if it's alienating you from your family, why are you still there?" She's supposed to be intelligent, but I felt like her actions were stupid in that regard. She talks about how she loves America, but I didn't really see it. She talks about the stereotypes in the agency and how she was treated, but I felt more like she was making her own issues. She talks about how her work ruined her relationships, but I felt like that was squarely on her shoulders (especially because she was dating men who were total losers). Also, I really didn't appreciate how she chalked herself up to be so unprejudiced (dating foreigners, etc.), then she gives her own religious opinion on Mormons saying that the agency only recruits them for their "squeaky clean past" despite their "social awkwardness". I felt like she was bitter and thinking they had an easier time getting "in" the agency because she had to justify her drugs and lifestyle. I also felt like she thought she and the other officers were better because they drank. There's a lot of language and drugs, etc. in this book, but it didn't add to anything. I finished the book, because it did provide some interesting tidbits to the inner workings of the CIA, but she's so bitter and negative that I felt awful the whole time reading it.