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Perfect Scoundrels (Heist Society Novels)

Perfect Scoundrels - Ally Carter I love Ally Carter's books. Each one is sure to have the right mix of action, suspense and just enough romance. I felt like this one was a little more ... scattered than some of her others. It was also a little bit more emotionally charged (rather than it being about the tricks and turns of the heist, it focused a little more on the danger involved and the stakes for each of the main characters), which is probably in part due to the fact that this heist *is* more personal and effects Kat and Hale on a closer level. Maybe it's because I've read so many of Ally Carter's books, but I also felt like I could predict things a little easier with this one. I wasn't as surprised at events and there were several things that I "called" before they happened. That said, it's still super fun to see all the action unfold. I love seeing Kat and Hale together and am excited for there to be more books in this series.