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The Girl of Fire and Thorns

The Girl of Fire and Thorns - Rae Carson I'm still kind of reeling from the ending. It seemed like everything happened so fast at the conclusion. The language and writing of this book was beautiful, and it was a unique story. While I didn't feel it was *as* amazing as some reviewers seemed to think, I did think it was executed very well. The things I didn't like as much ... well, those are spoilers. Big ones. I dislike it when books make you care for a love interest, only to take that love interest away, either by death or by revealing things about said love interest that make you really begin to hate them. So... with the king. You like him at first, then find out he's not that great of a guy. So, as a reader, you're willing to go with it when she falls in love with Humberto (I don't think I spelled that right but who cares?). Then the author kills off Humberto. Then you find out the king is decent, and you come to terms with the fact that he's not the strongest love interest ever, but you're willing to maybe give him a shot. But, then she kills him off too. You're left with barely the inkling that she might start to get feelings for Hector, which is barely discussed throughout the book. Hmmmm... Trying to make my mind ping pong between three love interests (in one book) is a little too much for me to take. I find myself not really caring who she ends up with, since the author will probably kill them off too.While some pretty big things happen in the book, I found I wasn't as emotionally attached as I felt like I should have been. I think because the author does such a great job with the description and cultural elements, that emotions were maybe hurried. For example, when her love dies, she's heartbroken about it, but after the initial heartbreak, the readers barely see any emotion about it. Granted, she's in the middle of a war, but still ... When I say that the author does a great job with cultural elements and descriptions though, I'm not kidding. I felt like the whole world was very well developed and real, even though it was so unique. Overall, the book was very well written and I'll definitely be picking up the next book in the series. I'll just be hoping that the love story develops a little more to my liking.