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Fairy Bad Day

Fairy Bad Day - Amanda Ashby Okay, so I have mixed feelings about this book. On one hand - I purposefully picked it up because I was wanting a light, fluffier read, so I know I shouldn't be expecting much. But on the other hand, there were several things that fell flat for me. There was good and bad, so I'll start with the good.The good: Pacing of this story was great - it pulled you along to the end to a satisfying conclusion. I never felt too rushed or too bored. It was a fun story line. I enjoyed learning more about their world, and I liked Emma's voice.The bad: I felt like the writing was a little ... less than stellar. There were so many plot devices (1. where a character acts a certain way because that's the way it *needs* to happen for the story to develop, rather than acting that way because that's truly how their character would act, or 2. where certain events unfold in such a way because otherwise it would fall apart at the end, even if something more original would have worked better) that I found myself shaking my head in frustration. The characters could have been fleshed out better, too. One of the annoying things that kept catching my attention was how much the characters "shot" looks at one another. (eg. He shoots her a look of frustration, she shoots him a look of gratitude, she shoots her friend a look of confusion, etc.) The word "shot" implies a type of piercing gaze or at least a look that was done quickly, but the author used the word everywhere, even when it didn't make sense (he shot her a look of tenderness ... really? He shot that to her?) Seriously, I bet the word "shot" appeared almost every other page, which was a lot.Also, as far as the writing goes - I really felt this book would have been better in first person, rather than third. I think it would have eliminated some confusion (I couldn't even figure out who the main character that we were following was, until a few pages in). I just felt like this book had a good premise, but would have been a lot better if the editing had been a little more thorough. As a result, it was a good story line that kept failing to impress me with its writing. If you're the type of person who doesn't notice the writing aspect of things, then this book would probably be great for you. I however, tend to catch all the little mistakes, and once they pop out at me, I just notice them even more.