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Tiana Smith

Some of my many talents include making a mean box of Mac & Cheese, drawing stick figures, designing cute blog templates, and finding Waldo. I read and write MG and YA & I have a soft spot for love stories.

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen - Dyan Sheldon I found the overly dramatic narrator a bit annoying, since she never really lets up. I guess I felt like her mother who is constantly nagged... It was a fun narrator though, and she's very conniving and convincing to get what she wants. The ending didn't feel very resolved for me - I wanted there to be more ... justice? For both of the rival characters on each end of the spectrum. I did like Ella's growth throughout the novel, and the writing style of the author was very nice in terms of pacing, dialogue and build-up.