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Inheritance (Inheritance Cycle Series #4)

Inheritance - Christopher Paolini The book may be long, but I like its pacing. I really enjoyed how they ultimately defeated a bad guy who is in almost all respects physically unbeatable. ***the rest of this REVIEW CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS***I had to wait to write this review until it had been a few days and I could think things over. Okay, so, when you read a book, you root for the main character to defeat the bad guy and end up happy, right? Eragon defeats Galbatorix, but does he end up happy? No. I feel a little ... miffed about spending so long with a character only to have him end up ALONE. This isn't just about the fact that he doesn't end up with Arya. He doesn't end up with ANYONE that he loves. Not with Roran or anyone. Instead, he does his duty to the dragons and ostracizes himself from the nation he gave everything to. All the people he fought for? Yeah, he doesn't get to enjoy any time with them - for ETERNITY. In my mind though, Arya staying with the elves out of duty doesn't make sense. I mean, doesn't she have just as much of an obligation to the dragons as Eragon does now that she's a dragon rider too?Also, Morzan. He doesn't end up with Nasuada even though his love for her is a large reason (some might argue the only reason) why Eragon is successful at defeating Galbatorix. The fact that no one ends up with the person they love makes me wonder why Paolini would choose to end his series that way. Sure, Roran ends up with Katrina, but they're the only ones who have a semblance of normalcy or happiness really. That bugs me. Yes, life will never be the same after Galbatorix, but I would think that it would be different for the better and not for the worse. That's just my personal feeling though.I loved this book all the way until the end. I had to take off a star because of the ending though. Arya should have changed her mind. Call me optimistic and naive, but I like my happy endings.