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Towers of Midnight (Wheel of Time Series #13)

Towers of Midnight - Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson The series is certainly coming to a fast close, which is good and bad. Sometimes I wanted more explanation, but on the other hand, since this is already a very long series, I also want it to just finish already so that I can see how it all ends. I still think that Sanderson does an excellent job of picking up the loose ends that Jordan left, and while you can of course notice the writing style differences, I think it only adds more to the story.It was nice to see things start to come together, since usually this series has followed several different character lines, and now it seems like they're all starting to become more intertwined. This book focused a lot on what happens in Andor, and many different characters actually are all in the same place for once.I'm trying really hard to write a review without spoilers, but suffice to say, I really liked how Perrin started to develop more into a defined character and I also liked how Mat seems to have more of the "fun" aspect back. I wish there were more of Egwene (since she is just plain amazing), but I'm a little biased to her. I'm so excited to see how everything wraps up in the final book!