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Tiana Smith

Some of my many talents include making a mean box of Mac & Cheese, drawing stick figures, designing cute blog templates, and finding Waldo. I read and write MG and YA & I have a soft spot for love stories.

Matched (Matched Trilogy Series #1)

Matched (Matched Trilogy Series #1) - There were things I loved about this book, and other things that I think fell a little flat (mostly because the hype was so large and I was expecting to be blown out of the water). I still loved the overall book though. This is a book that I would recommend to others, especially as the writing itself was like poetry. The story setting was unique and I'm curious to see where everything ends up. I'm kinda reserving judgement until the rest of the series comes out ... because if I don't get the ending I want, then it would seem like a lot of set up. It pulled me in more slowly than some other books, but I still loved the book and will be anxiously waiting for the rest. Once it pulled me in, the pacing really hooked me.